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NEILPRYDE Fusion HD 2013


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The "HD" version is even more durable All-rounder: lakes, oceans, waves, flatwater, cruising, blasting or bump and jump the Fusion is easy to use and fun to sail. You can learn maneuvers, throw it around for simple freestyle moves, do basic jumps or lock it down and chase your friends the Fusion is forgiving, feels light and holds up well – a great sail for anyone who wants to enjoy all kinds of windsurfing high aspect ratio for maneuver-oriented small/ medium sizes. Lower aspect ratio for freeride-oriented larger sizes size-specific foot angle: Low in big sizes. High in small sizes one mast and boom fit all sizes (Except for Wizard HD 4.3)


Additional product information size 4,3 qm weight kg luff +/- 1 cm 408 cm boom +/- 1cm 153 cm battens/cams 5 / none recommended mast(s) X35 400, X65 400, X100 Wave 400 best mast(s) X65 400 mast range (IMCS) 19 top Vario Top